sbPhysics Demo - The Bullet Physics Plugin for ShiVa3D

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sbPhysics brings the power of the Bullet Physics library to ShiVa3D


** This is the Demo version - get the full version currently on sale for 20% off ***

*** Now including Soft Bodies and Linux Support**


Download the fully functional demo, samples and manual free from the downloads tab and try before you buy

With 110+ functions to manage the collision world, collision shapes (including advanced shapes such as Soft Bodies, Convex Hulls, 2D shapes and Concave dynamic meshes) Sensors (AKA Ghosts), constraints (AKA joints) including the new Spring and Gear constraints,  ray casting, standard and advanced physics forces such as anisotropic and rolling friction, and everything else to manage the physics world, you'll find a whole new wold of game development to explore.


Along with the plugin API, there are a number of StoneScript AI Models helper models. These helpers make setting up your world as easy as attaching the models to your game & objects, setting some AIVariable parameters, and running your game. Watch your game come alive as your scene objects act just like objects in real life.


The plugin comes with a comprehensive manual, available as a free download immediately on the downloads tab, explaining all the concepts of the physics entities, plus a complete API list, showing all the functions, their input and output parameters, and an explanation of how the function works. Also included is a stand-alone demo, including a time-limited version of the plugin showing an example of an actual scene up and running with physics objects interacting.

Platforms currently supported are Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android, and now ***Linux*** as well.


This is the full sbPhysics package. It currently requires Shiva version 1.9.2 or above to run. It will not work in 1.9.1 or below due due to the change in file formats. It includes all of the current sbPhysics functionality, and automatic access to any future functionality or extensions for sbPhysics (excluding web licensing if a web version is released). As it grows, it will also include additional sample code only available in the Pro package.


This is version 1.2.0 Highlights for this release include :-


New Features

- Basic Softbody configuration and functionality has been added to create soft bodies from input objects. see the manual for the new soft body API’s.  

- New auto simulation stepping API’s have been added, and manually stepping the world during each frame is now optional

- There are some new API’s that are not yet functional, so have have not been added to the manual, but do exist in the plugin API list. Functionality will be added to these in a later release. The API’s are createSoftPatch(), setAnchorHardness() and setSoftAerodynamics(). Do not use these API’s.

- New API List Includes :-


  • createSoftMesh         
  • setSoftMargin             
  • setSoftCorrections      
  • setSoftPose               
  • setSoftCollisionFlags     
  • setSoftClusters           
  • setSoftBendingConstraints 
  • setSoftTotalMass          
  • setSoftStiffness                  
  • setSoftSolverIterations   
  • setSoftNodeMass
  • autoStep                  
  • worldStepValues 




- createWorld function updated to include option to create SoftBody worlds by specifying kType of kSoftBodyWorld

- Demo version timeout increased from 90 seconds to 5 minutes

- sbPhysics_World helper AI updated for soft bodies, and changes to auto simulation stepping

- behind the scenes performance improvements and code refactoring for future updates

- createWorld() API now has all option parameters, in which case defaults will be used. Default world type is Rigid and default gravity has been changed to −10

- Manual additions for checkSensorCollisions() and registerContactAddedEvent() which didn’t make it into the v1.1 manual

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